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Why I don’t have a best friend

Why I don't have a best friend

Friendship has always felt hard for me. As a kid I moved schools a couple of times in primary school, and then I left high school in year eleven. I had best friends over that time but each time I left the school, I also left the friendship behind. The one time I didn't leave, the best friend I made at high school ended up moving to Canberra! I … [Read more...]

The Importance of Open Ended Toys for Play {Guest Post}

open ended toys

Today's guest post was written by Erin from Barefoot Play. I have known Erin since I was heavily pregnant with Miss 5. We attended church together when my hubby was in his final year of Bible college and we have been able to keep in contact via Facebook since that time. I invited her to write a guest post after seeing the great ideas she was … [Read more...]

A Simple Guide to Online Ordering with Menulog + $30 voucher GIVEAWAY!!

We LOVE Thai food {Image credit}

Takeaway food is a real treat at our place. If we are going to order take away food it will often be Thai or Indian and since the kids are fussy we often save ordering takeaway for for a night where we can put the kids to bed and have an "at home" date. If you are like us, you may have a stash of take away menus........somewhere..... Ours … [Read more...]

Three Years of Blogging!

Third Birthday

Did you know that this blog just turned three? Well, neither did I until the third birthday had passed. Oops! I figured that even though it was last week, I could still take a moment to remember the great things that have happened in the past year. Although, my mummy brain has caused me to forget everything that has happened in the past 12 … [Read more...]

Three ‘Chop Free’ Pumpkin Recipes Your Family Will Love

Golden Pumpkin Pancakes 2

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Lauren Parsons. Lauren and I met at the Kindy drop off  and I have loved getting to know her and hearing about the wonderful work she does inspiring and equipping people towards health and wellbeing. Please enjoy her recipes and visit her website to find out more.  Hello to all of Lisa’s beautiful … [Read more...]

Can You Be Friends with The Minister’s Wife?

Can you be Friends with the ministers wife

One of the things I have found quite challenging about being the wife of a minister is friendships within the church. The people at my church are fantastic, and the hard part isn't to do with conflict. It is knowing how to balance being friends with people at church while maintaining certain boundaries that come with the role.   I find this … [Read more...]

Miss 4′s Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party

When my daughter started talking about her 4th birthday party in January I just knew it had to be a Frozen themed birthday party. We had seen Frozen just after Christmas and I absolutely loved it.  I knew my girls would love a Frozen themed birthday party so I got to work on Pinterest and pinned everything I could for inspiration. You can find my … [Read more...]

Why is the Blog Called Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings?

Mummy's Undeserved Blessings

I get this question a lot. "Why did you call the blog Mummy's Undeserved Blessings? " It is often followed by a comment about how lovely I am, and that I do deserve all the blessings in my life. The story behind the title of my blog goes way back to a time where I was anything but deserving of my blessings.  You can read my story here but … [Read more...]

Help Mother’s Choice Piece Their History Together and Win Great Prizes!

Mother's choice

This post was in collaboration with Mother’s Choice  I have a great competition I wanted to share with you today. Mother’s Choice is about to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and they want their customers past and present to help them celebrate. For the past 40 years they have been providing quality products for babies and families in Australia. … [Read more...]

Princess Anna Dress Ups & Role Play

dress ups and role play

Today we have a special guest post from Cindy who is the creator of the website Your Kids OT. This post is very timely, especially for some of our friends who may be annoyed that I requested that their kids dress up as their favourite Frozen character for Miss nearly 4's birthday party(Sorry!).  When Miss 7 was recently invited to a "dress up" … [Read more...]