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Baked Pumpkin Risotto {Recipe}

Baked Pumpkin Risotto

This baked pumpkin risotto recipe is a family favourite at our place. It is one of those meals that the kids actually like, and is really easy to make. It also has the added bonus of getting the kids to eat vegetables, and leaves very little washing up. I also like it as it means I can pretend I didn't forget to get meat out of the freezer -sorry … [Read more...]

Healthy is a Lifestyle, not a Diet {& GPS Runner Watch Giveaway!}

Rae Kirkpatrick

Today I have my good friend and Nutritionist, Rae on the blog sharing a little about what she does. I had a recent consultation with her and she is super down to earth, and has given me some great advice on how to best care for my body.  She is sharing a little of what she does here today, plus she has a great giveaway which you will love! Hi, … [Read more...]

My Waters Broke in Public

I should have had these when my waters broke in public

Sorry pregnant women if you have arrived here by Google search. Yes it does happen....sorry!   When I was pregnant with my first child one of the things I worried about was where my waters would break. There was always a joke that people would carry a jar of pickles,  and if your waters broke then you were supposed to drop the jar and blame the … [Read more...]

Holiday Camps with Crusaders

Photos of our second Crusaders Ski camp.

This post was brought to you by Crusaders Did you ever go on a camp as a kid? I loved going on camps. The school ones were fun, but the camps I loved the most were the ones in the school holidays. It was a great chance to have lots of fun and make new friends...and escape from the parents (although I am pretty sure they were enjoying the peace and … [Read more...]

Dreaming of an Overseas Family Holiday

Disneyland Paris
{Image Credit}

This post was written in collaboration with World Baggage  Although my hubby and I dream of heading off on a kid free holiday, we do love our kids and one day we hope we can take them on a fabulous overseas trip. When I was a kid, Disneyland was THE place to go.  Sadly, it was never a reality for me, but I had friends that went there and told … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Relationship from Inappropriate Friendships?

Inappropriate Friendships

My husband and I attended a marriage conference a couple of weeks ago and honestly it came at the perfect time. We had been having a hard time, and with three little people to look after and a busy life we really hadn't had many chances to talk about the things that were hard in our marriage. The conference was wonderful. There were two talks on … [Read more...]

Quick Tips For Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

Alicia in Spring

This guide was created and sent to me by PhotoBox I have many hobbies, but one of my favourites is taking photos of my children. I have a DSLR camera which I love to use, but I find that I reach for my iPhone far more frequently than I do the big camera. It doesn't matter what type of camera you are using, I have found that I can make a huge … [Read more...]

PLAY UP at Old Parliament House Canberra


Recently a few friends and I went to PLAY UP the new kids space at Old Parliament House. We had heard that there was a kids room, but that was about all we knew. Normally we would NEVER take kids to a museum as there are wayyyy to many things that they would touch and/or break. This place is really different. When we arrived we paid our entry … [Read more...]

I Want to Go on a Mystery Trip!

You might get a mystery flight to Hamilton Island....although this accommodation

This post was written in collaboration with Mystery Trips  I love surprises! All our babies were surprises (the sex of the baby I mean.....although one was a surprise). I love the idea of looking forward to something special but not knowing exactly what it will be. I think that is why a Mystery Trip really appeals to me.  I remember when I was … [Read more...]

Interview with Eric Skattebo from Focus on the Family Australia

Ryan, Brett & Eric in Studio

Today I wanted to introduce you to Eric Skattebo who works with with Focus on the Family Australia bringing us great radio programs that I listen to on the radio, and through the Focus on the Family Australia app. The programs bring a Christian perspective on marriage, parenting, and many other important topics. I always find the interviews … [Read more...]