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Holiday Camps with Crusaders

Photos of our second Crusaders Ski camp.

This post was brought to you by Crusaders Did you ever go on a camp as a kid? I loved going on camps. The school ones were fun, but the camps I loved the most were the ones in the school holidays. It was a great chance to have lots of fun and make new friends...and escape from the parents (although I am pretty sure they were enjoying the peace and … [Read more...]

Dreaming of an Overseas Family Holiday

Disneyland Paris
{Image Credit}

This post was written in collaboration with World Baggage  Although my hubby and I dream of heading off on a kid free holiday, we do love our kids and one day we hope we can take them on a fabulous overseas trip. When I was a kid, Disneyland was THE place to go.  Sadly, it was never a reality for me, but I had friends that went there and told … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Relationship from Inappropriate Friendships?

Inappropriate Friendships

My husband and I attended a marriage conference a couple of weeks ago and honestly it came at the perfect time. We had been having a hard time, and with three little people to look after and a busy life we really hadn't had many chances to talk about the things that were hard in our marriage. The conference was wonderful. There were two talks on … [Read more...]

Quick Tips For Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

Alicia in Spring

This guide was created and sent to me by PhotoBox I have many hobbies, but one of my favourites is taking photos of my children. I have a DSLR camera which I love to use, but I find that I reach for my iPhone far more frequently than I do the big camera. It doesn't matter what type of camera you are using, I have found that I can make a huge … [Read more...]

PLAY UP at Old Parliament House Canberra


Recently a few friends and I went to PLAY UP the new kids space at Old Parliament House. We had heard that there was a kids room, but that was about all we knew. Normally we would NEVER take kids to a museum as there are wayyyy to many things that they would touch and/or break. This place is really different. When we arrived we paid our entry … [Read more...]

I Want to Go on a Mystery Trip!

You might get a mystery flight to Hamilton Island....although this accommodation

This post was written in collaboration with Mystery Trips  I love surprises! All our babies were surprises (the sex of the baby I mean.....although one was a surprise). I love the idea of looking forward to something special but not knowing exactly what it will be. I think that is why a Mystery Trip really appeals to me.  I remember when I was … [Read more...]

Interview with Eric Skattebo from Focus on the Family Australia

Ryan, Brett & Eric in Studio

Today I wanted to introduce you to Eric Skattebo who works with with Focus on the Family Australia bringing us great radio programs that I listen to on the radio, and through the Focus on the Family Australia app. The programs bring a Christian perspective on marriage, parenting, and many other important topics. I always find the interviews … [Read more...]

Knowing When Your Family is Complete

Knowing when your family is complete

I always wanted a big family. I would say I wanted five kids ....while my hubby was keen to have two. My reasoning was always that I didn't think two was enough. What if something happened to one of your kids (a horrible thought)...then the other child would be all alone. I also didn't like the idea of having a boy and a girl because that is what I … [Read more...]

Living Without Running Water #wwweek

Access to clean water at home has made 12-year-old Sonia's life much easier. She no longer has to walk long distances or plead with her neighbours for water each day. Photo by Annila Harris, World Vision

While I like to consider myself pretty tough in some ways, I am very precious when it comes to having running water. In the past, I have been camping where there are no flushing toilets and where the shower is just water warmed by the sun that sprays out of a bag. Even though the location was amazing, I found the whole trip almost … [Read more...]

When Life is Hard

NO blog post

Last week wrote this on my Facebook page: Immediately there were lots of lovely comments, Facebook messages, and text messages from my friends. It seems I worried everyone a little bit. Although I was doing ok, the weeks that had led up to that comment had been really hard. Compared to other people in the world, my life was amazing. I wasn't … [Read more...]