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When Life is Hard

NO blog post

Last week wrote this on my Facebook page: Immediately there were lots of lovely comments, Facebook messages, and text messages from my friends. It seems I worried everyone a little bit. Although I was doing ok, the weeks that had led up to that comment had been really hard. Compared to other people in the world, my life was amazing. I wasn't … [Read more...]

Selfies & Shenanigans: Behind the Scenes of the SnS Texture Challenge

Style &  Shenanigans

Last week I was playing along with Vanessa of Style and Shenanigans as part of the SnS Texture challenge. If you follow me on facebook I am sure you would have seen all of these photos but I thought it would be fun to share them again and give you a bit more of a background to what it was like to take and share the photos. It wasn't always easy, … [Read more...]

Our Virus, Ebola Virus, & the Blessing of Medicine

Blessing of Medicine

                                                                                                            This is a sponsored post for Nurofen for Children  A virus hit our family this past week. I was the first person it chose to inflict its evil symptoms on. It started with a slightly sore throat and I was sure I would be fine the next … [Read more...]

An Interview with Kylie Ofiu

Kylie Ofiu

I am very excited to have my good friend Kylie Ofiu on the blog today. I wanted to interview her because she is one of the most interesting  (and fun) people I know, and  she has also been doing some really exciting things recently. Not only does she do lots of charity work to support the homeless in our community, she has also started … [Read more...]

When Family Holidays are NOT Fun


“How was your holiday?” It is a normal question for people to ask when you get back from your holiday. Since it is a holiday people expect a positive response but sometimes holidays are not what we hoped for. Our family took a holiday last week. We went to a lovely resort on the central coast of NSW called Mercure Lake Maquarie Rafferty's … [Read more...]

An Insight into My Crazy Imagination

I have a very, very active imagination. Sometimes it is very silly and fun, and other times I scare myself with the things I imagine may happen to me (or to people I know). I am not sure when this crazy imagination started. I don't remember being super imaginative as a child. Although I did think that a loose tile in our bathroom was a passage … [Read more...]

Use Your Tax Refund to Rescue a Child

I get a little bit excited at tax time because it usually means a few hundred dollars (or more) back into my account. We deliberately over estimate our income to Centrelink so that we get a little bit more back at tax time. I don't spend lots of money on myself but when a big amount of money is coming my way, all the things I have been dreaming … [Read more...]

Is it OK to have a favourite child?

Which is the favourite?

I have often wondered whether it is ok to have a favourite child. Even though I do love all of my children the same, there have been times when I felt I liked one child more than the others. When my eldest daughter was three and my middle girl was eighteen months, I certainly felt like the younger child was easier to like.  She ate well, she slept … [Read more...]

Getting Competitive

Last month

I haven't shared much about my fitness since I finished the Michelle Bridges program in April. While it was a great program, I felt I had the skills to manage my food and fitness myself so I didn't continue on the program. I also wanted to focus on the type of exercise that I really loved...running! I had set myself the goal during the … [Read more...]

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons #igivehope


Today the 30th of July 2014 is the United Nations first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The aim of the day is to raise awareness and to encourage people around the world to take action against this crime. In order to raise awareness they are encouraging people to take a photo of yourself or a friend forming a heart shape with your … [Read more...]