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Welcome to my new blog Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings.

I am very excited to begin the Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings Blog as it has been a while in the planning process and I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences as a mummy of two little girls. Recently, I have been reading a number of Mummy blogs such as The Super Organiser Mum, Mummy Smiles and others I came across and have enjoyed hearing from other mums and getting great ideas on organising and child related things. These are amazing women and their blogs are really worth checking out if you haven’t already. However, while reading some of these blogs I have found myself struggling with wanting what they have and wanting to do the things they do, rather than being content with my own life. And that is where the idea of writing a blog to honestly share my struggles in these areas, and the difficulties I have with trying to raise my children well came about.  
An interesting fact about me is that I am a Minister’s wife (which I know comes with loads of stereotypes). I want to show that while I am a Christian (and a Minister’s wife) I am far from perfect and make many mistakes, which is why I know I don’t deserve the blessing my girls are. But like any other mum, I also know I am just trying to do my best each day and am thankful for how easily my girls forgive me. Through my blog I want to be able to share my failures and successes and help to encourage other mums (whether you believe in Jesus or not) to be content in what we have and to forgive ourselves when we feel like failures. And so I hope you enjoy my honest reflections about my undeserved blessings.
( I have also started a facebook page which you can join by clicking the “like” button on this page which will keep you updates on new posts more easily.)
Emily and Claire – The inspiration for this Blog
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  1. You are AMAZING!! :)

  2. Hi Lisa, great to find your blog! Reading this made me think of the blog a friends hubby recently set up that you might like: Hope you enjoy this blogging caper :)

  3. While I'm here, I should tell you about – might be a useful resource for you :)

  4. Thanks Louisa! I took a look at the lifelessgreedy blog and am keen to have a closer look. They promote compassion which is great as we sponsor through compassion too.And thanks for the advice about mummybloggersblog. I found it before I started the blog and have found it really great for advice on starting out. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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