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Learning to be Content

I sometime really struggle to be content with the things that I have. It is mostly material things I struggle to be content with as I am generally pretty happy with my life at the moment. There are times I look around at my house and think it would be lovely to have all new furniture, or to have a nicer house or live in a nicer suburb (or a warmer climate). However I don’t know what has come over me lately as I am finding that I am really content in the things that I have.

Like most people I used to see lovely homes and think…”Wouldn’t it be nice to live there?…life would be wonderful” Now I think how awesome is my little house is where I am able to clean the whole house including the bathroom and vacuuming in just over an hour.

We are renting our place so when we found out that we were having another baby I told my husband that we are not moving no matter what. As nice as it is to have a study/guest room I would much prefer to stay in a house we know, paying rent that we can afford than to go through the hassle of trying to find a new place (which will accept a cat), and move all our stuff.

I also am content with our car. We have a is not that new but I love it. I am really not sure why but I just do. It is big, it is safe and it has always been reliable. Previously I have wanted to get a Four Wheel Drive and this new baby would have been a fabulous excuse to try to convince my hubby to get one but now we are busy researching car seat options so that we can fit our three kiddies under four into the Camry….we know it can be done!

Those that know me would be most shocked that I am even content with my living room furniture. I have been looking at it lately and just loving it. Not because it is the most modern of furniture but because for the memories it hold for me…..even the lounge!. I know I have previously expressed my hate for this lounge to almost anyone who visits us but the day my hubby started talking about getting another one I became attached to it. Many important conversations have taken place on it, I have breastfed my babies on it , I have spent time chatting with friends on it, blogged on it and so many more important memories surround it.

Being content is a funny thing and sadly I know it won’t always be the way I feel but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

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  1. Happy for you that you're in a place of contentment at the moment. It's hard when we live in such a materialistic society. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not the material things that matter.

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