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Pre vs. Post Marriage Style: My Confessions

Before I was married I always tried hard to impress my husband. I almost always wore at least a little bit of make up, I dressed well and I generally looked after myself.

While I still try to look after myself when I leave the house when I am hanging out around the house it is a different story. I was thinking recently about what my husband may have imagined I would wear while at home before we got married (or even while we were on our honeymoon).

Did he think my sleepwear would include these homemade beauties?: 

I wonder if he guessed these would be my footwear for more than 6 months of the year (and that I would sometimes wear them outside the home)?

He had seen this jumper before we got married but I bet he thought it would be long gone by now:

He probably hoped he would see these socks again…the ones I stole off him before we were married (but maybe not worn in this attractive way):

I am pretty sure when he pictured me in the shower he did not imagine me in this:

Yes I do honestly wear this in the shower

And for some reason he still loves me and even finds me attractive… is (thankfully) blind.

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  1. Teehee… :) So true…

  2. Oh thank God love is blind, and our husbands love us at our worst! I'll neverunderstsnd the way the male mind works when it comes to 'looking' at us women, but when it comes to clothes like this, I'm just glad it doesn't matter!

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