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Frocktober Wrap Up -With Vlog!!

Well I have done it! 31 days of dresses for Frocktober. I have worn 31 different dresses…and a hat. My two girls also joined me most days in their pretty dresses and did their best “Cheeeese!” for the camera. We have raised $430 so far but the website is still open for donations The charity has  currently raised $103, 919 total from 185 participants (not all of them female).

Here is the final week and a bit’s wrap up for those who missed the facebook posts:

Sunday 23rd
Monday 24th
Tuesday 25th
Wednesday 26th 
Thursday 27th 
Friday 28th
Saturday 29th

Sunday 30th 

Monday 31st

Frocktober Stats:

Total Dresses: 31
Total Black Dresses: 6
Total Borrowed Dresses: 9
Times Tights Were Required: 9
Total Hats: 1

It has been a great way to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research and also to raise awareness about Ovarian cancer and its impact on those who are diagnosed with this horrible disease.

I wanted to be able to thank everyone in person so I created a vlog. Apologies in advance for the video. I should have had a script as I said the same thing twice (see if you can pick it -and if you can I meant to say two different things rather than repeating myself). I am at a pub but promise I wasn’t drinking anything stronger than Coke :)

Anyway enjoy my ramblings and my beautiful hat

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