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Christmas at Our Place: Planning the Christmas Meal

I am very excited to be hosting a family Christmas event on Christmas Eve this year. It will only be a small group of us but I am excited nonetheless. 

One of my Christmas jobs in the last week has been to put together a meal plan for the day. Of course there will be way too much food but really, what is Christmas if there isn’t leftovers for weeks afterward.

I used my The Organised Housewife Christmas Planner (click on the link to see my review of the Christmas Planner) to plan the meal and to create a shopping list and here is what I have so far:

  • Cheese Platter and crackers (hopefully supplied by my bro with some cheeses suitable for his preggers sister) .
  • Chips and Dips (planning to make the Christmas Dip -from Toddler Tastes as it is yummy)
  • BBQ Prawns 

  • Cold Cooked Prawns (supplied by my Dad) 
  • Cold Leg Ham (we were given a whole ham this year)
  • Cold Turkey Breast -which I will cook the night before
  • Creamy Potato Salad
  • Christmas Salad (which has cos lettuce, boccacini, croutons, red currants and pecans)
  • Crusty Italian bread from our local farmers market (if we can get it -or bake at home rolls)
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • A variety of sauces/mustard my Mum brought back from Tasmania recently.
  • Three layered ice cream cake (Choc layer, vanilla with white choc bits and macadamia nuts and vanilla with real coffee mixed through)
  • Christmas cake with custard 

  • Beer/Wine/Soft Drinks
We also have a whole gingerbread house to eat and a big box of chocolates that we were given.

As you can see there is a fair bit of food but it is actually going to be really simple to prepare and when I put together a shopping list there was not really all that much I had to buy. If you can it always helps to have people bring along food etc to contribute and it cuts the costs down a little.
Anyway I thought I would share this with you all. I hope your Christmas meal planning is going well (if you have to do it at all).
I would love to know what others are planning to cook up for Christmas. Are there any must have foods for your Christmas table? 
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