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Bye Bye Mullet

Ok I know I am  not supposed to be blogging right now as I am having a break. I am actually supposed to be packing for our holiday and cleaning so our house sitter does not think we live like pigs, but I could not resist sharing this with you.

I have been holding off giving little Claire a haircut despite the terrible mullet she was been growing for the last 18 months. I recently decided to cut the mullet as it had stopped being funny as she always looked untidy.

So here it is..the end of the mullet.


DURING: (thanks to the camera work of Emily)

Now she is a neat and tidy little lady which kind of makes me sad. Her hair was even neat when she woke up this morning.

Hope you are all having a lovely beginning to the year. I will be back in a couple of weeks

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  1. Was that her first haircut? I cried when I gave my big girl her first haircut, it seemed so wrong to be snipping off any part of her! Claire looks sweet, I bet its all fluffy and cute around her face when its dry.

    • Mummys Undeserved says:

      Elise -sorry for the delayed reply I was on holidays. It was her first haircut. Emily was over two and a half with her first so it was so hard to decide to cut Claire's so early (18 months) but it looks so much better now

  2. Lol I nearly forgot your former life as a hair dresser! Thought you were just being very brave xo

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