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Weekend Cookbook: Dumplings, Pork Belly & Creme Brulee

Need some inspiration for your cooking this weekend? A friend and I have recently decided to start cooking together to try out new recipes and I thought it would be a great idea to share what we cooked with you all. I also know there are so many other bloggers out there who share great recipes so I thought what better way to be inspired for weekend cooking than a blog link up with delicious recipes we have tried during the week. I am calling it “Weekend Cookbook” and hopefully we can start linking up and sharing our favourite recipes every Friday. So if you are a blogger please link up your recipe (or three course menu!) for the week on a Friday and we can have a collection of yummy ideas to try over the weekend. 
The recipes my friend and I cooked last weekend were Asian themed (except for the dessert). We were secretly pretending that we were on My Kitchen Rules and made up the menu plan in advance and created an instant restaurant for our husbands. These were the recipes we tried:
Dumplings with Red Chinese Vinegar and Ginger
This was a MKR recipe and can be found at:
We were unable to get the Chinese red vinegar but found a rice vinegar substitute which seemed to work. Sadly we are not expert dumpling makers so they were a bit ugly and thick but the filling was really yummy and on the whole they were really nice.
Pork Belly with Caramel Dressing
This recipe was from and can be found at:
The pork belly was delicious and the caramel dressing worked really well with the meat and herbs. We also had some asian greens and rice to go along with it. Unfortunately the two tablespoons of salt on the crackling which the recipes said to add made it way too salty and overpowered the sauce
Creme Brulee
This was a Masterchef recipe and can be found at:
Unfortunately for our dinner party this was our least successful as the brulee failed to set and it was very runny. It still tasted delicious though. It may have been my oven was not hot enough as we had it in for longer than the recommended time. We have decided to keep cooking it until we get it right so it will feature at our next cooking night.

So hopefully that has inspired you for some weekend cooking. I highly recommend the Pork Belly. Both Coles and Woolworths sell it and it is surprisingly not too expensive (approx $13 kg). 

Since this is our first link up please feel free to link a recipe you have posted in the past. Link up, check out each others recipes and make some comments. I would love to hear how your weekend cooking goes.

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