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Introducing Alicia Cate

Just six days after our daughter Alicia was born on our bathroom floor, we had some newborn photos taken by our friend Annette. You may remember the gorgeous family photos Anette took for us in the spring. We were so pleased with the family photos and couldn’t wait to see the results of the photos of Alicia.

Like any parent, I think my baby is the most gorgeous baby on the planet, but I also know that most newborns are only attractive to their parents and often resemble a combination of Yoda and E.T. I was really amazed to see these photos Annette had taken made Alicia look like a baby from a magazine…so much better than the little happy snaps I try to take of my kids. I am just so pleased with these photos and wanted to show them off to you.
So please enjoy these photos of Alicia Cate…and her family (that’s my mum…in case you were wondering)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photos. If you are interested in seeing more of Annette’s photography please visit 

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