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Tips for Moving With Small Children (and What Not to Do)

As most of you will know we moved into a new house last week. On the whole it was pretty successful and our kids have adjusted really well to being in a new house. I wanted to share with you some of the things we did that worked really well, and also a few things that I highly recommend you avoid doing.

  Helpful Hints:
1. Pack while the kids are asleep. The boxes are way too exciting for small children and they get upset when you put their things in a box or want to pull everything out.
2. Choose some favourite toys, books etc to keep out of the packed boxes so they don’t really notice that many of their things are getting packed.
3. A few days before you move plan sets of outfits so that you can pack the rest of the clothes and know you have enough outfits for the next few days (don’t forget pj’s/shoes/shoes).
4. If you are moving locally, move some of the kids toys over to the house first so that they begin to feel the new house is a fun place to play. It also gives them something to do while you start to unpack.

5. If possible, visit the “new house” a few times before you move (letting the kids explore/play) so that they are familiar with it and know which room will be theirs.
6. Create a special box for loved and cannot sleep without toys/items.  You don’t want to be digging through 30 boxes to find blankie at 10pm
7. If possible, move on a day when the kids are in school or childcare. Otherwise get a sitter so they are not in the way of the removalists.
8. If like us, you have a baby with you make sure they have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to play so you don’t have to hold them all the time. 

Sleeping on the bench

9. Make setting up the kids rooms a priority. When they see their furniture and their things in their new room it helps them to settle quickly.

The girls room mostly set up

10. If you are not happy with a routine you have, use the change to start something new. We have started “room time” where the kids have to rest/play quietly in their new room. So far it is working well for us.

Not So Helpful Hints:
1. Letting the kids use the boxes as boats/cubby house etc then trying to take them back to pack (or finding the boxes are damaged.
2. Forgetting their is no toilet paper on first visit to the new house.
3. Not explaining that the hand towel holder is NOT for swinging on.

Our kids are not normally destructive :(

4. Not moving the couch before the removalists lift it up (Ewww look what was behind here from all the “cooking helping” the kids have been doing up the the bench….but we did find the missing socks and a missing Freddo Frog). 

5. Leaving your child’s favourite toy at the old house (even when you were trying to make sure it came over).
6. Leaving an important baby item in the old house and having an unsettled baby who won’t be put down.

I desperately needed this rocker on the first night

7. Having your hubby go out to a meeting the first night you are in the house (with the unsettled baby).

Like any move there were a few hiccups but just a few days in we are feeling quite settled and have already starting sharing this lovely house with our family and friends. We hope that it can be a place where others always feel welcomed and where we can grow our family for many years to come.

Our new home

Do you have any do’s and don’ts for moving with kids?
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