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30 days to Skinny Jeans: I Did it!

At the beginning of the month I announced that I was taking up the challenge to exercise for 30 minutes for 30 days in order to “save up” for a new pair of skinny jeans.

Well, believe it or not…I did it! It took a lot of motivation from me, lots of help and patience from my hubby (because I always did it at the most inconvient times) and a whole lot of distractions (music, books, etc) to get through it.

I had the rule that if I missed one day I would have to do three days to make up for it. I actually did miss one day but since it was an absolutely crazy day for our family, my hubby agreed I could make it up as only one additional day..phew!

Some days I had to do ten minutes, then go and settle a baby to sleep, then another ten minutes and check that playschool was still on and then finish off the final ten minutes. Some days I went a bit easy and others I worked really hard. I even went for a run instead of using the bike one day.  

I mostly enjoyed exercising but I loved coming down stairs and adding a little blue star to my calendar knowing I was one day closer to my new jeans.

On saturday we went shopping to find my new jeans. Sadly I didn’t suddenly turn into a super model but I think I look fine and most importantly I feel great.

The most important outcome of this challenge for me was creating a habit. I have had a break the last couple of days (my legs are pretty sore) but I feel like I am missing being active and I am much more motivated to keep exercising and getting fitter and healthier.

This challenge really worked for me. Why don’t you give it a try for yourself? 

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  1. That's a great challenge Lisa – it seems quite manageable. And you do look great.

  2. What a great challenge! I definitely need some motivation to get some exercise, the weather is warming up- perfect for getting outdoors and getting fit. Plus, the extra weight is harder to hide in lightweight clothing! I do a need a new pair of jeans… You look great by the way :) x

  3. Go Lisa!! Can't believe you did it with only one missed day. That is so impressive!

    I'm heading to the gym this afternoon and I will have to do a 30 minutes bike ride in celebration :P

  4. YAY!!! You look great. Congratulations. Rachel xx

    #teamIBOT was here x

  5. Modern Nomads With Kids says:

    great idea Lisa. 30 in 30 really makes it sound achievable. You look great in your new pair of jeans!
    Prue x

  6. Congrats Lisa, I never doubted you wouldnt do it. With your drive, self control, awsome jean pool and killer pins you look stunning!

  7. Congratulations! You look fabulous. I've always shrugged off exercise with the excuse that I've got little ones, but you've made it seem doable :)

  8. You look fab! What a great idea to create a habit.

  9. Lisa you look hot!
    I love that you set yourself a goal and stuck to it!
    I'm a huge fan of exercise; I just love it.

  10. well done – goes to show a little bit done often makes a big difference

  11. I think you look great Lisa. All that hard work paid off :)

  12. Congratulations! You look fabulous! Great work mumma!!

  13. Thanks Lisa for letting others know what you're doing. I love how you always try to encourage others as well. I've been trying to exercise too but seem to platau at about the 5th day. I'll keep trying though. Take care, keep trusting in God (he has brought us both so far!) God bless u xxx

  14. Lisa @Mummy's Undes says:

    Thanks for all those great comments everyone. I am not using the bike much anymore but in the warmer weather I have started running a couple of times a week. I think the bike riding helped in getting the motivation to get out there and do it.

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