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A Technology Free Family Road Trip

Yesterday our family took a road trip just for the fun of it. We packed the picnic bag and headed off towards Young, NSW. There wasn’t anything we particularly wanted to see there, my hubby just looked at the map and decided that would be our destination.

In the days leading up to our road trip we had noticed Emily was becoming dependant on our phones for entertainment. She had even ignored her little friends at church and sat with the phone. So, we decided that the trip would be technology free (I didn’t adhere to that rule though).

Instead of the kids staring at a movie on the DVD player, or playing games on our phone we encouraged them to look our the windows to see all the beautiful sights along the way.
We also played the toddler version of eye spy using colours rather than letters. “Find something that is green”. There was lots of “trees” and “grass” so the game was a little predictable, but the kids love it.

When we arrived at young we sat in a playground which was really no different from one we could find in Canberra but it was the drive which was important to us not the destination.
The trip home was just as lovely ( despite some tired tantrums) we enjoyed seeing the gorgeous golden fields, baby lambs and cherry blossoms.

One lovely outcome of the trip was meeting the lovely Daisy from Daisy, Roo and Two.  Thanks to Jess who suggested the catch up. Lovely to be linking up with that same Jess from for IBOT

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