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My Three Year Old is Holidaying Without Me

Yesterday I said goodbye to my three and a half year old daughter, leaving her to have a “holiday” with her Grandma for four nights. It is the first time I have left her for longer than just an overnight stay, and honestly I am pretty nervous about it.

To clarify, I am not at all nervous about leaving her with my mother in law. My MIL is fabulous and will look after Emily perfectly. Emily may get away with a more than she does at home, but that’s what Grandma’s are supposed to do.

All packed and ready

I am also not all that worried about how little Em will cope, as she is pretty independent and we have already received a call where she was super excited about getting to spend the “whole day” playing with her cousin (who is exactly two weeks older).

Ready for cousin time

I am actually most concerned about how I will cope. She is my biggest girl, but she is also my baby. I love being about to be there to kiss her goodnight and I love seeing her smiling (and even grumpy) face in the morning. I just love knowing what she is doing throughout the day, and being able to share a funny moment with her and cuddle her when she cries.

It is also the protective mother part of me that worries that if anything happens to her I won’t be there. My imagination can sometimes run wild with fears of the things that could happen to my children. I have already imagined her having a car accident, being abducted, drowning… and being in a Tsunami (well, they are near the coast). 

Although I do have some crazy fears, I know in my heart that not only is she in the care of her wonderful Grandma, but she is also in the care of her loving heavenly father. As a Christian I trust that God is watching her and caring for her every second she is away from us. Of course, that does not mean nothing will ever happen to her, but I know I can trust God with His plan for her life.

On a less serious note, it was very funny on the way home when Claire (two years old), looked out the window and seeing the moon said “There’s the moon, Em, Em……” then looking at Emily’s empty car seat “Where’s Em gone?”. My very unobservant toddler had been in the car for 10 minutes and had not even noticed her sister wasn’t there.
Here’s hoping I survive the next few nights. How old was your child when they had their first “holiday” away from you? How did you cope?

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